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Greeting Cards

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Celebrate important milestones, occasions and everyday joys. Aly Lou greeting cards give people the opportunity to put their feelings into words with their large selection of hand-drawn funny & punny greeting cards that are perfect for every occasion.

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Prompt Books

A meaningful gift that will last a lifetime

An adorable book filled with ideas and prompts that make a perfect gift for your loved one.

Go through a journey with our adorable characters as you fill-in-the-blanks within the colored pages. Make it as cheesy, romantic, witty, funny, teary or emotional as you want. The choice is yours!

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About Us

We are a Canadian business with a mission to design and create unique paper products that help others celebrate important milestones and everyday joys. Aly Lou gives people the opportunity to put their feelings into words with our large selection of unique fill-in-the-blank books and our best selling greeting cards.

Connect & Celebrate!

Good things happen when people connect. Recognize the people who make your days a little brighter and fuller. Connect with each other by celebrating the joy of everyday and the people who are there along the way.

Your Smiles Drive Us

Whether you're giving our products as a gift or keeping them for yourself, your satisfaction is essential to us. We love designing heartfelt products that help bring a smile to someone's face.

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